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Erika's Accutane Journal
Week 8

Pictures: Week 8

All I can say is THANK GOD for makeup! I sure feel sorry for the guys that are going through this and don't have the makeup to cover it up. As you can see from the photos, no miracles have occurred over the past week. There is most definitely a difference in these photos when compared to the early photos but still not clear, not really even close. I have adopted a new attitude though. It's called fuck it. I don't know if it is because I've been dealing with this for SO long now (well over 4 months) or if Im a tiny bit clearer now and Im more confident. Either way, I think my new attitude is good. I even wore my hair back to work one day this week just because I felt like it. I guess I'm just getting tired of hiding because of my zit face. I figure people should like me for me and not because my skin is perfect. I think this is a much healthier approach but it won't last forever Im sure. I have to think that there is a possibility that the Accutane wont work for me. Then I'm going to have to live with it.

My 2 month Dr. appointment was yesterday morning. What a mess! The Dr. visit actually went fine, it was dealing with the pharmacy and getting the prescription filled that was maddening. My Dr. didn't know much about the Vitamin B5 or the MSN but said that vitamins shouldnt effect the Accutane at all and should be fine to take. I'm going to do a little more research on the B5 before I do anything with that. She also said that she usually sees more improvement after 2 months than what I am showing. We decided to up my dose to 80mg/day which will be the most I've ever taken. I'm starting this week with 60mg one day and 80mg the next and if that goes fine I'll increase in a week or 2. Since Im doing the every-other-day thing I needed to have 20mg pills. Also, the way that my insurance works I would have to pay for 2 prescriptions if the Dr. had prescribed 20mg tablets and 40mg tablets to last me through the month. This would be the most logical thing to do but insurance issues won't permit it. My regular Save-On pharmacy didnt have enough of the 20mg pills to even get me through the week. They wouldnt get another shipment in till the end of the week if I were lucky. I asked them to call around to find somewhere that had the pills in stock and they could not find anyonewith the full amount. One place had enough for about 2 weeks. I decided to stop by a pharmacy that I used to go to (Rite Aid) and check. They had them. Yeah! But here's the ridiculous partThe sticker that is now required to be put on the Accutane prescription by the Dr. who prescribed it was filled out wrong. My Dr. checked the male box instead of female and the pharmacist said this would be a problem and that they probably couldn't fill it. So much red tape for this drug it's unbelievable! They ended up calling my Dr. and getting her to fax over a new prescription with the correct box checked. Between the Dr. visit and the pharmacies I spent 2 and a half-hours dealing with this crap. I'm so glad its only once a month!

Not much to report on side effects. Sex drive was back strong last week, which is good. It scared me when it went away for so long! What, Im a 33 year old woman!
Dry skin, hair is getting worse, dry lips, joint ache, and some lethargy. Nothing out of the ordinary. I get my blood results at the end of the week. Im interested to find out what that calcium level is this time. Well see.