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Erika's Accutane Journal
Week 2

The cysts begin. My face was a mess when I started (again, I wish I would have taken photos from the start) and has remained bad so far but week 2 marked the beginning of the undergrounds. Ouch. It began with one large nodule on the right side of my face near the top of my cheek bone. The dryness also started. My face had skin flaking off yet none of the zits I had from the start were going down. It was miserable. Luckily, I was on vacation with my family who offered support and listened to me moan about it. Its also a nice distraction to be in a foreign country seeing the sights ( : Thanks Dad! By the end of the 2nd week, on the way back to the US I had a HUGE cyst on my chin just under my lip on the right side which Id picked at and it was scabbing over. 2 new cysts on the upper left cheekbone were just forming. Joy.