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Erika's Accutane Journal
Week 6

Pictures: Week 6

What a depressing skin day. Yesterday I thought it sure would be nice if some of these honkers on the left side of my face would pop so that they would heal and get out. Well, today I woke with 3 ready-to-go ugly white pus filled things. Of course I went to town on them and now they look much worse than before. Currently, they are all scabbing over and are super red.

I can't believe that I'm still getting new formations! I have a cyst starting right in the middle of my chin underneath that hurts like all get out;my 2nd chin. One is enough thanks! The photos of this week look worse than last! When will this end? I have never had acne that has lasted this long. I almost feel like the Accutane is not working and that it must be an infection or something else. Im going to talk to the Dr. about it on my next visit but that's not for 2 more weeks. In the meantime Im going to hide out. I canceled plans that I had tonight because I really don't want to be seen like this, even with my makeup on. I go to the gym in the mornings and I dont wear makeup, it's awful. I cant look anybody in the eye and I think that people are staring at me thinking how gross I my face looks. I have no desire to date anybody because of the acne. I wouldn't want anybody seeing me in the morning light. I might send them screaming away.

As for side effects: Mostly the same. Having dry hair, dry skin, dry lips, dry vagina, dry throat, dry eyes, itchiness, muscle aches, headaches, etc. would all be worth it to me if my skin would clear up. But right now I can say honestly that it is not. I had a bit of a scare yesterday with the weird ache that I keep getting behind my heels on my feet. When I went to stand up, I almost fell because it hurt so bad. I sat down and stretched a bit then slowly walked around and it seemed to be all right. This is worrisome to me however. I will talk to the Dr. about it on my next visit.

Week 6, for me, is not what I have heard others report. Many people say that between weeks 6 and 8 is when they have noticed a dramatic change. I surely can not say the same. Guess I'll keep my fingers crossed for week 8.