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Erika's Accutane Journal
Week 5

Pictures:Week 5

Still on the 60mg/day. I just got done examining the photos and unfortunately theres not a huge change. I must say that there is a marked minor change in the chin area. I feel that my whole face (where I'm broken out anyway) is much less irritated, red, and inflamed. Im not itching quite as much but still some itching by the end of the day. As far as side effects go, pretty much the same: Dry, flaky, chapped lips, peeling dry palms, cough, achy. One of the strangest side effects that I've noticed more & more recently is a soreness, almost like shin splints behind the heels of my feet and running up my legs. It's like I worked out and the muscles are sore there. But I didn't work out.

I got a bikini wax last Friday. The Dr. said it should be ok to do but to have them test an area. It was more painful than it used to be (before the Accutane) but I survived. I'd much rather suffer the pain of waxing than do that horrible dreaded shaving thing that made me itch like there's not tomorrow and break out in an ugly rash. I've got enough red marks thanks. Till next week.