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Erika's Accutane Journal
Week 7

Pictures: Week 7

I just got done comparing the week 7 pictures with weeks 5 & 6. I'm sorry to report that there is not a huge difference. The chin/jaw line is the only area that seems to be healing by the pics. I say this "by the pics" because I can definitely feel that there is healing going on now. The quarter size growth that was on my neck is completely gone and the persistently bad left side is finally looking less red and seems as though it may be in the healing process as well. Unfortunately, the right side of my face seems to have gotten worse. If it's not one thing its another. Also, my chin has really been breaking out with cysts/nodules this past week. One good thing is that the cystic acne that used to last weeks, even months, is now coming and going in just a few days and with healing time its more like a week. This is still way better than a month.or 2!

My zits are always peeling! It looks like I've been using retin-A but I havent! I'm always wanting to pick at the skin that is constantly coming off my face. I can't help it! I'm sure this isnt good for me but then again neither is coffee or red wine. I find myself pulling scabs off on a daily basis. Most are almost falling off but there are some that bleed when they peel off. I know this can't be good.

I finally have some semblance of a a sex drive (fheew!I thought there was something seriously wrong with me). I have still been in hideout mode but I've gotten to the point where I just dont give a damn and I've gotta get out and live life, zits or no zits. I'm still achy but I've been working out regardless. I feel like the benefits of working out (to lessen depression and obviously help the heart and the looks) outweight the joint/muscle pain that I now get because of the Accutane. I've heard about a vitamin that helps with the pain called MSN (I think) and Im going to ask my Dr. about it when I go in next week for my bloodwork. I've also been reading about B5 which I am going to ask about. I'm not sure if its a good idea to take these while on the Accutane or not. I don't want ANYTHING to interfere this far in the game! I would only quit now if I were having some pretty major ailments or serious depression. I'm just too far in, I've got to see this thing through.